Energy-Infused Wristbands

Start increasing your body's energy with a fast-acting power band from Rico's Bio Energy. Throughout the entire United States we offer a Bio Energy wristband that uses negative ions to decrease pain in people's bodies. It is designed with a variety of color combinations and with a cross on it. Customers who wear our wrist bands have stated that it provides:


• Strength
• Stamina
• Balance
• Focus
• Concentration
• Range of Motion
• Muscle Recovery Time
• Resistance to Electro-Pollution


• Joint Pain
• Headaches
• Motion Sickness
• Muscle Pain
• Sleeplessness
• & Much More!

How the Wristbands Work

The most popular wristbands on the market use only one mineral, such as magnets (magnetite), titanium, or copper. Thats only 3 minerals and all though they're good for the body by themselves, they do almost nothing! Our band contains many mineral. When  combined they create whats called negative ions. Negative ions go straight to your blood cells naturally allowing your red blood cells to take on a natural negative charge and separate. This allows them to deliver more oxygen throughout the entire body and naturally reducing inflammation. Inflammation causes; high blood pressure, heart attacks, aneurisms, strokes, blood clots. Cancer is started from inflammation at a cellular level. INFLAMMATION causes 95% of the pain in your body. Our wristbands naturally reduce the inflammation by increasing oxygen intake at a cellular level!

Ideal for Everyone

Wearing Ricos Bio Energy wristbands allows every blood cell in the body to work more efficiently. Clients with fibromyalgia, neuropathy, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic back pain, and migraines have reported a significant difference in their pain levels after wearing our wristbands. Clients have had outstanding results on their furry friends (pets) as well. We know our pets like the back of our hands and can always tell when they are in pain. Once placing a Ricos Bio Energy collar on them you'll notice a significant difference in their quality of life. Our animals do not expect to have pain relief from a dog collar, but we as their loving owners can see the difference in our animals.

Senior Couple Running At the Beach

Wristbands Styles, Young Man Running On Treadmill

Available in Several Styles

The bands are not only comfortable; they look good with your dress attire as well. They come in seven different sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. The cost of a wristband is $138.99. The color combinations are:

• Black Band with a Blue Cross
• Black With a Green Cross
• Black With a Red Cross
• Black With a White Cross
• Black With a Pink Cross
• Black With an Orange Cross
• Black With a Purple Cross
• Solid Black
• White Band With a Black Cross
• White Band With a Pink Cross
• Solid Hunter Camo

Not all color combinations are available in all sizes. XXL only comes in solid black, black with orange, and black with white. XL only comes in solid black, black with orange, black with blue, black with red, and black with white. XS only comes in solid black, black with green, black with white, black with pink, and white with pink.

Return Policy

Each wristband comes with an ironclad, 18 month guarantee. If anything happens to your band, like if it breaks or your dog chews it up, send the broken band with $20 for processing to our PO Box, and we'll send you a brand new band.

Return Address: PO Box 857, Festus, MO 63028