I purchased my wristband mid October 2016, I have worn it everyday since then, i have chronic pain in my head, neck and shoulders due to arthritis in my neck, it has been a month since I have been wearing the wristband, and my pain has decreased 90%, I am usually not a believer in these types of things, but feel it has helped me. Glad I decided to purchase the band.

- Frances T.

My husband & I have been wearing the wristbands for a few months and it is amazing how much better we feel and can get around. We were both having a lot of pain in our hands, feet & back, to the point both of us were talking about needing to go on arthritis medications. After wearing the wristbands for a few days the pain has gone away, swelling has gone down, and my husband has his strength back in his hands. We can get up out of our chairs and walk without having to stand for several minutes before moving. Rico's Bio Energy Bands have given us energy and joy to our lives again!

- Patsy Reg.

I was given a demonstration and was very skeptical at first. I had a stroke about a year and a half ago and have had some balance issues and a severe limp since. I tried the bracelet and immediately had very marked improvement in my balance and walking. I still and always will have my limp, but now walk much faster and more assured. Less waddle and feeling the need to hang on to things. I bought the bracelet and have not taken it off!! Other people have remarked on my improvement without knowing!! Truly amazing!!

- C Murphy

I met Rico about a week ago coming up from Saint Louis on Amtrak, where I am an employee. After engaging him in pleasant conversation for most of the evening, we got on the subject of military service. I suffered some significant injuries during my time in the Army, and have operated with severe pain and low energy since. Rico introduced me to his product after a brief demonstration, and while skeptical, I purchased a band. A week later I can honestly say I have woken up with less pain and more energy every single day. Standing on my legs (primary source of injury) is way more tolerable. My energy levels however, are astonishing! I mean there is a HUGE difference in my energy levels! I'll definitely be sharing my experience with everyone I come across.

- Pierre W

I've had RA since i was 4 years of age, along with multiple other issues. I've done much self healing. In fact I've gotten myself out of being bedridden through diet and prayer and meditation alone and managed also to get off of all the prescription drugs. But I still have pain, fatigue, and inglimmation. So here's what I said on the phone; the first night I slept 8 hours and had only two mild hot flashes! Within 12 hours all my immation was gone! I've been able to rest my elows on my knees for the first time in years. And very important is that my life force energy is stronger! I feel more vibrant and definitely have more stamina and less fatigue. Even with residual aches on that weekend I dont know how i would have made it through without this band. So grateful to God for putting you in our path!

- Piper and Beebe

I purchassed a wristband and put it on around 2pm on Saturday. That was 4 days ago and I have not had a pain pill since. I had been taking oxycodone for 20 years or more. I have Myasthenia, gravis, arthritis, stenosis, scoliosis and more. It is unreal. My friends say it is unreal but they know I am telling the truth. I had been praying for a natural solution and did not want to continue taking chemical pills. This is it. Unbelievable!! Thank-you Rico!!

- Beatrice "BJ" - Springfield Missouri

Rico's Bio Energy wristband has helped both myself and my husband. I was having extreme pain in both elbows which I was told needed surgery but I was was putting that off as long as I could. I started wearing the wristbands (which I have two) and I noticed the pain got less and less. I ca tell you now I have no pain. I've been wearing these wristbands since Dec 2014. My husband was having pain in his right wrist and by wearing these (which he wears 2) the pain has went away.

Also I have a 9 year old labrador retriever named Lucky who has bad hips. He would not attempt to climb the back porch steps (theres five) because of his issue. So I put a Rico wristband on his collar and he now goes up and down the steps like he is a puppy.

- Billye B - Illinois

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