"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life"

-John 3:16


Counterfeit & Knockoffs

As with any large company whether it's a professional sports team or designer apparel, there WILL be counterfeits & knockoffs. 

If you see a Rico's Bio Energy product of any website for $19.99, $29.99, $39.99. THESE ARE NOT A RICO'S BIO ENERGY PRODUCTS! THESE ARE KNOCKOFFS! The ONLY way to get a RIco's Bio Energy product is from our website or from a licensed distributor. Most the educated world knows that you're not going to get a $160.00 product for $20 or $30 dollars, and if you do something is SERIOUSLY WRONG!


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WRISTBANDS: $138.97+shipping&tax

DOG COLLARS: $199.97+shipping&tax

NEW EARTHING INSOLES: $269.99+shipping&tax


Improve the overall condition of your body with a Rico's Bio Energy wristband that is designed to improve the blood circulation throughout the body! Our wristbands reduce inflimmation in the entire body and makes every blood cell in your body work more efficiently!

$138.97 + Shipping&Tax

K-9 Unit Collars

At Rico's bio Energy, not only do we trust our technology on ourselves and all of our family but we also trust this technology on our pets!

Our animals get the same issues and pain we get and we realize that, and after many testimonials of people putting their wristbands on their pets we decided to give the people what the want! After 3 years of reasearch and developement our pet collars have hit the market and are having AMAZING results! 

$199.99 + Shipping&Tax


Earthing Grounding Foot Insoles

After 4 years or research and developement our brand new Earth Grounding insoles for your feet are just hitting the market this year!

When God designed us he made all of our nerve ending go to our feet. That's because we were intended to always walk around barefoot so that we can draw the energy back from the earth, but from the day we are born; our loving parents shoes are put on us. From years of wearing rubber souled shoes. This blocks the transmission of energy from earth to our bodies. 

Many people go out and spend top dollar on foot insoles that are just made of foam and rubber, that have ZERO minerals in them and do very little for the body. This cutting edge technology has the same minerals that our wristbands do; along with raised bumps all over the insole to massage the nerve endings in your feet bringing them back to life. While the insole does NOT replace the wristbands they definetly gives you that extra boost of energy and pain relief that you need through our your work day and daily life. Many clients who have purchased our foot insoules are reporting a greater life force energy, along with less hip and knee pain from walking around or standing up all day!

$269.99 + Shipping&Tax


"I have been wearing Rico's Bio Energy insoles for about a week now, and what a difference; when I started wearing them, arthritis that I have in my feet has almost completely gone no pain. I still have the arthritis, I guess, but I don't have the pain!" - Nancy&Doug K. from Ohio.

Enhance the condition of your body with a 

Rico's Bio Energy wristband and Earth Grounding foot insoles today!

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About Us

Reduce the amount of pain in your body and allow every blood cell in your body to work more efficiently today with a health wristband from Rico's Bio Energy. Throughout the entire world, we offer a mineral-infused, surgical grade silicone wristband that creates negative ions. Negative ions area amazing for the body naturally allowing the body to heal it's self.

We got started in Florida during a vacation when someone introduced a wristband to Rico. He used to have severe pain in his lower back, but after wearing the wristband, the lower back pain he had for more than 30 years was 80% gone! He invested in the company and within two years, through research and development, we created the most powerful and effective product on the market; making us the leader in wristband technology!

Clients who have purchased Ricos Bio Energy Wristbands have reported tremendous relief from their back pain, knee pain, joint pain, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy, carpal tunnel, migranes, endometriosis, menstrual pain, high blood pressure, and many other issues that doctors say theres no cure for. While here at Ricos Bio Energy we make no medical claims. We have many testominials of people having amazing results and relief of their pain improving their quality of life tremendously! This comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee with the purchase. The only way you could lose with our product is by not giving it a shot! SO GIVE IT A SHOT!

Mission Statement:

We are 100% ALL NATURAL homeopathic and holistic alternative to western drugs and medicine!

"I have Cerebral Palsy and was given a bracelet by Rico at Daytona Bike Week, and I have been wearing it for 3 weeks now. It has tremendously cut down on my pain. I really love the bracelet and don't want to be without it! I have sold three to my friends and I am ordering myself another one. I've never been without pain like this!"

—Mrs. White


Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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